Random thoughts.

Other than following the Asshole in Chief’s exploits, not much else to report.

Patiently waiting for February. Black Panther comes out. Even if I have to see it alone, I’m going

Currently watching: “Dark” on Netflix

Currently reading: Ready Player One

Currently playing: Stardew Valley on the Switch


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller impressions

So this is what I got for Xmas. Such a hefty and solid feeling controller. You can tell it’s extremely well made and worth the money. Has all the necessary functions you want in a Nintendo controller. Recommended highly


Maybe its a bit premature to panic. Maybe Congress will do the right thing and poo-poo this vote. But considering all we’ve experienced since January, I’m not confident.

The Jungle Book (2016)

Watched the love action version of The Jungle Book last night on Netflix. IMO, its the best live action adaptation Disney has done thus far. Cast was excellent. Pacing was great and it didn’t fizzle at the third act like so many movies do nowadays. And Idris Elba was fucking fantastic as Shere Khan. I’m not a big movie guy. I’m more into television. So it usually takes me a few sittings. I definitely had to finish this movie. 

Merry Xmas…

And happy whatever holiday everyone else celebrates.

The holidays are more for the kids enjoyment. But I did get this cool coffee mug, picked out by my oldest. I’m a lucky guy #worldshappiestdad #starwars #ilovemycoffee