My very first post

Hi world! This is my very first post. 

Why did I choose to start a blog? 

For those who know me, I love contributing my opinion on social media/comment sections. For someone who’s a bit more reserved in person, I tend to have a lot to say in written form. So I figured, why not try this. For those who end up discovering my blog, hope you enjoy my random musings (and they will most definitely be random. I tend to think about  a lot of things). 

I work at a design and print shop with a eclectic mix of people and a host of wacky clients and customers. So expect some gems from there. 

Last, but not least, I’m a husband and a dad to two beautiful young ladies (or a toddler and an infant). I absolutely love being a family man. And while I won’t go into too much detail or share everything, I feel I’d be a bit disingenuous if I didn’t give some insight into my family. Anyone married and/or have children will certainly relate 

With all that being said, let’s move on to the first real musings 


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